Aloe Gel Drinks Coming Soon!

Aloe as nature intended


More aloe. More natural. Fresher tasting.

The Aloe Vera Company - revolutionizing the way you drink aloe. These new aloe vera gel drinks are coming soon to the UK and they not only taste delicious, but also support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, promote a healthy immune system and help maintain natural energy levels.

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Sonya Skincare

Combination skin has met its match!


If combination, oily or normal describes your complexion, look no further than the Sonya Daily Skincare system. This scientifically-advanced line of skincare uses a gel delivery system that carries the aloe, moisture and botanicals directly to your skin. This range boasts a high concentration of aloe and a hydra-infused system that gently targets skin to improve its overall look and feel.

These four new products will leave your skin smooth, soft and more even in appearance than before!

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Forever Active Pro-B Coming Soon!

Rev up your digestive system.

Forever Active Pro-B blends six strains of ‘good bacteria’, selected and engineered for their ability to reach the intended destination of the large intestine. They do not require refrigeration, but to ensure maximum benefits the capsules are stored in unique packaging that controls moisture and protects the goodness captured in each supplement. The formula is also free from allergens and suitable for vegetarians.